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Os seus Direitos
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You can find us at

Os seus Direitos
A nossa Defesa

Portimão & Almancil

Strategic Partnership in Real Estate
and Taxation in Portugal

We act as a strategic partner for clients, providing legal expertise to navigate the complexities of property transactions and taxation in various jurisdictions when they are considering living in Portugal or in the Algarve. Our law firm is located in Almancil and Portimão.

Property Acquisition and Taxation

We provide legal assistance in the purchase, sale, renting, and development of real estate properties, helping our clients navigate the legal intricacies of property transactions, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations namely, for example, licences to build or changing a property, checking for illegal or unauthorized units on the properties and helping with negotiations.

We also provide advice on the tax implications of property transactions, including capital gains tax, property transfer tax, and other related taxes helping our clients structuring deals in order to plan and optimize tax outcomes considering right from the beginning the purpose of the acquisition as an investment or other.

Cross-Border Taxation

For clients involved in cross-border business activities and working remotely that wish to live in Portugal or moving to the Algarve, we provide all help with the complexities of international taxation.

This includes understanding tax treaties, transfer pricing, and ensuring compliance with tax laws in multiple jurisdictions, considering the impact of different tax systems on their business operations.

Tax Planning

We provide strategic tax planning advice to help clients minimize their tax liabilities while remaining in compliance with the applicable laws regarding purchasing a property in Portugal.

This includes evaluating available deductions, credits, and incentives and also business assistance in structuring businesses and financial transactions to optimize tax efficiency and profit. This may involve choosing the right legal entity, considering mergers and acquisitions, and implementing other strategies to achieve tax objectives.

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We are dedicated to providing clarity in a world often obscured by legal complexities. With a focus on innovation, accessibility, and honesty, this law firm is at the forefront of reshaping the legal landscape for the benefit of its clients.


The company firmly believes that honesty is the best policy, and this principle guides all aspects of its practice. Clients can trust that they will receive straightforward and candid advice, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their legal matters.


The company leverages advanced technologies and modern communication methods to make legal information more accessible and understandable for clients.

Other services

Other Areas of Practice

Tax Law and Tax Litigation

In the field of Tax Law, we support our clients at any stage of the tax procedure and process, within the scope of tax inspection.

Immigration and Foreigners Law

We accompany and ensure the personal and patrimonial rights of foreign individuals.

Family Law

Resolution of delicate issues, such as divorces, child custody, and alimony, seeking balance and protection of the rights of all family members involved.

Labor Law and Employment Relations

We protect the rights and promote justice between employers and workers, ensuring an equitable environment in the professional world.

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In 2019, aiming for proximity and accessibility, Dr. Rita Cardoso initiated a new project with its own facilities near the Portimão Court.

Dr. Rita Cardoso
Dr. Carina Dias
Dr. Rita Andrade
Dr. Hugo Pacheco
Dr. Maria Kotoun
Dr. Dora Branco

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