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Our history

In 2019, to respond to her clients’ needs for proximity, at various levels, ease of access and privileged location, Dr. Rita Cardoso started a new project, opening her own facilities next to the Portimão District Court.

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Our team of lawyers

Excellence Team: We combine Knowledge and Dedication

Dr. Rita Cardoso

Always familiar with Law, she followed in her father’s footsteps, and Dra. Rita Cardoso is now a distinguished legal professional known for her experience in property purchase and tax planning, among other areas as family law, corporate law and working law.

Featured on the cover of the Business Portugal magazine, in May of 2023, as a leader and head of a Law Firm in the Algarve, Rita Cardoso holds a master’s degree in law and economics, showcasing a unique blend of legal and financial acumen and innovation. Not only does she contribute insightful articles on tax law, but she also has a passion for financial education, having conducted a training course for young adults in Nobel International School and for adults about financial literacy regarding relationship with money, businesses and companies and real estate investments.

With a commitment to excellence, Dra. Rita Cardoso is a trusted advisor in navigating the complexities of property transactions and tax optimization strategies and also a natural entrepreneur.

Dr. Rita Andrade

She has been a partner at Rita Cardoso & Associados since May 2021 and her practice currently focuses on the real estate market, providing legal support in the purchase and sale of properties.
Her academic career began in Lisbon, with a law course administered by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.
She obtained a master’s degree after completing her forensic master’s degree at the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Still in Lisbon, she became a postgraduate in Labor and Social Security Law at the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and participated in a short course on Personal Data Protection also offered by the same Faculty.
She later became certified as a Domestic Violence Victim Support Technician.
Her professional experience in the area began at the National Road Safety Authority, as a jurist.

She attended a professional internship at the law firm “Oliveira e Carmo Advogados”, in Lisbon, where she was invited to begin her professional activity following the completion of her internship.

Dr. Carina Silva Dias

Newly added to the Bar Association, Dr. Carina brings with her a rich experience in real estate law and the treatment and analysis of properties and their documentation, due to her previous professional experience in a law firm exclusively dedicated to real estate law for almost five years.

After graduating in law, she joined the Rita Cardoso & Associates firm in 2021, providing essential support primarily in the areas of real estate, tax, family, and successions, currently being part of the team.

Dr. Hugo Ventura Pacheco

Graduated from the Portimão branch of Universidade Lusófona, multilingual, fluent in Portuguese and English.

Dedicated lawyer, with very good communication skills, diligent and proactive in finding the best solutions to the issues presented to him.

A competent, serious, accessible and humble professional, with vast knowledge in various areas, essentially foreign law, immigration law and real estate law, among others.

Dr. Maria Kotoun

Trainee lawyer at Rita Cardoso & Advogados since September 2023.

After graduating in 2022, she worked in the legal field at a law firm in Quinta do Lago, specialised in areas of law mainly related to foreigners, resident or not, such as real estate law, visas, labour law and immigration.

She left this office in order to begin her Professional Internship at the Portuguese Bar Association, with Dra. Rita Cardoso.

He is of Dutch nationality and has always lived and studied in Portugal, therefore speaking fluent Portuguese, English and Dutch, and reasonably German.

Furthermore, having always lived in this part of the country, the Algarve, on a professional and personal level, she has always been in contact with foreigners, namely English, Dutch and German nationalities, providing her with good communicative skills in these languages.


Dr. Dora Branco

Registered with the Portuguese Bar Association, she is dedicated in building loyal and trustworthy relationships with her clients, and with great proximity and permanent availability.

He has extensive experience in litigation and accompanying legal proceedings, having focused her legal practice mainly on criminal, property and administrative offence law.

From her professional activity we can highlight her vast experience in providing legal advice to both individuals and companies, and also in the area of providing legal training.

Having also experience in assistance and obtaining a nationality application, accompanying clients through all the formalities.

Her experience and qualifications are renowned and are the result of many years of practice and success.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Clarify some frequently asked questions from our customers.

What sets Rita Cardoso & Associados apart?2024-01-17T13:23:10+00:00

Our difference lies in the combination of professional legal knowledge with commitment to achieving results. Our experienced, ethical and diverse team is dedicated to representing the interests of our clients, offering effective solutions, personalized guidance and proven success over the years.

How does the company prioritize customer service?2024-01-17T13:18:31+00:00

Customer service is a priority. Our team strives to provide personalized and attentive service, listening to each client’s individual concerns and needs. We maintain clear and transparent communication throughout the legal process to ensure clients are informed.

How does the company approach complex cases?2024-01-17T13:16:44+00:00

Our team takes a strategic and innovative approach to complex cases, developing customized solutions that combine solid legal knowledge with creativity. We are committed to finding the best strategies to achieve positive results for our clients.

What are Rita Cardoso & Associados’ areas of specialization?2024-01-17T13:14:58+00:00

Rita Cardoso & Associados specializes in various areas of law, including Labor Law and Labor Relations, Family and Minors Law, Tax Law and Tax Litigation, Real Estate Law, Foreigners and Immigration Law, among others.

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