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In order to ensure that clients consider the costs associated with consultation and prolonged and permanent legal support integrated into the proposed agreements, a estimate of fees for the services is presented, determined according to the specific needs of each company, through the estimated time for meet these needs and with a view to preventing future problems and possible litigation.


What it includes

Regularization of labor obligations for companies with more than 5 employees.


What it includes

Regularization of labor obligations for companies with more than 15 employees.


What it includes

Regularization of labor obligations for companies with more than 25 employees.


What it includes

Platinum Covenant reinforced with support in several complementary areas.

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The fees include all intellectual services as well as the exercise of forensic practice before the courts, public administration, official bodies and other entities and VAT is added at the legal rate of 23%.

In the case of services provided under the contract regime, the fees are calculated based on an average monthly or annual estimate of hours, considered essential to guarantee the availability of the lawyer and taking into account the complexity of its structure, type of clients, number of workers at its service, debts that are difficult to collect within the scope of the activity carried out, etc.

Expenses incurred in carrying out the mandate, such as those spent on postage, extraction of certificates issued by official entities, and travel are the responsibility of the client and always depend on prior approval.

If the established limits are exceeded, the price for legal consultation charged at our office will apply. If the proposed service limit is not reached in full, no acts will be carried over to the next period. Documents prepared under the contract regime include contracts, opinions, letters and other communications necessary to pursue the best interests of clients.

The study and monitoring of processes, preparation of opinions and documentation, when not covered by the fee regime, are calculated in advance taking into account the expected average time spent and inherent complexity, based on the hourly rate practiced in the office, which can always be consulted in advance and subject to approval.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Clarify some frequently asked questions from our customers.

What sets Rita Cardoso & Associados apart?2024-01-17T13:23:10+00:00

Our difference lies in the combination of professional legal knowledge with commitment to achieving results. Our experienced, ethical and diverse team is dedicated to representing the interests of our clients, offering effective solutions, personalized guidance and proven success over the years.

How does the company prioritize customer service?2024-01-17T13:18:31+00:00

Customer service is a priority. Our team strives to provide personalized and attentive service, listening to each client’s individual concerns and needs. We maintain clear and transparent communication throughout the legal process to ensure clients are informed.

How does the company approach complex cases?2024-01-17T13:16:44+00:00

Our team takes a strategic and innovative approach to complex cases, developing customized solutions that combine solid legal knowledge with creativity. We are committed to finding the best strategies to achieve positive results for our clients.

What are Rita Cardoso & Associados’ areas of specialization?2024-01-17T13:14:58+00:00

Rita Cardoso & Associados specializes in various areas of law, including Labor Law and Labor Relations, Family and Minors Law, Tax Law and Tax Litigation, Real Estate Law, Foreigners and Immigration Law, among others.

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Areas of expertise

Labor Law and Labor Relations

We guarantee protection and effective solutions.

Family and Minors Law

Solutions that prioritize the well-being of the families involved.

Tax Law and Tax Litigation

We offer expert help with tax challenges.

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