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Our areas of expertise

Real Estate Law

It encompasses all legal assistance related to any real estate transaction or real property rights.

Tax Law and Tax Litigation

In the field of Tax Law, we support our clients at any stage of the tax procedure and process, within the scope of tax inspection.

Immigration and Foreigners Law

We accompany and ensure the personal and patrimonial rights of foreign individuals.

Family Law

We provide support in divorce and asset division processes, as well as in the regulation or modification of parental responsibilities.

Labor Law and Employment Relations

Labor law and the current regulations covering employment relations between employer and employee are crucial from hiring through development to termination.

Civil Law

Civil Law is the regulatory cornerstone of our everyday life, governing personal, family, and contractual relationships.

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We guide the path to our client’s legal success.

Guiamos o caminho para o sucesso legal do nosso cliente.

We go beyond just taking on cases; we are dedicated partners in every legal journey. With utmost attention, professionalism, and commitment, our team seeks innovative solutions to achieve client success, keeping them informed and confident at every step.

Why Choose us?

3 Reasons To Choose “Rita Cardoso & Associados
Sociedade de Advogados”

Why You Should Consider Us as Your Reliable Legal Partner:

  • Commitment to Ethics:
    Our firm is guided by strict ethical principles. Clients can trust our transparent, honest, and integral approach, ensuring that their legal matters are handled with respect and responsibility.
  • Proven Results:
    Through our strategic approach and commitment to excellence, we have achieved proven results for our clients over the years.
  • Multidisciplinary Team:
    We have a diverse team of lawyers with expertise in various areas of law. This enables us to provide a holistic and comprehensive perspective to address complex cases that may involve multiple legal aspects.


We are dedicated to providing clarity in a world often obscured by legal complexities. With a focus on innovation, accessibility, and honesty, this law firm is at the forefront of reshaping the legal landscape for the benefit of its clients.


The company firmly believes that honesty is the best policy, and this principle guides all aspects of its practice. Clients can trust that they will receive straightforward and candid advice, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their legal matters.


The company leverages advanced technologies and modern communication methods to make legal information more accessible and understandable for clients.